New England Lobster Sauce

A Twist on Kowloon’s Recipe For years my husband has ordered Lobster Sauce. Let’s just start with the fact that this sauce does not contain lobster. At all. But it used to when lobster was less expensive. Eventually it was substituted for shrimp and the Cantonese version of “Shrimp with Lobster Sauce” was born. Traditionally,Continue reading “New England Lobster Sauce”

Funny enough…

I started poking around on WordPress and exploring options. Soon I had developed my new singular space to post my ideas, thoughts, recipes, and other fun things on the internet. So, here we go. One blog. One place. I think this will work out better and WordPress connects to all the other posting sources. SoContinue reading “Funny enough…”

Twists and Turns..

Conceptually, this blog will be devoted to my findings in the kitchen. Please understand, I am not a professional cook or baker. I am just sharing the ways in which I’ve changed the recipes I try. A lot of these recipes come from places on the web and usually have comment sections. However, given theContinue reading “Twists and Turns..”

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